Client Testimonials

Read what our clients have to say about Dr. Tokarz…

I just wanted to get in touch to say thank you a million times over. You helped me so much, you have no idea. I was in pain for nearly a year, but with your amazing skills, I am really back to 100% and it feels phenomenal. The triathlon was yesterday and I completed it pain-free and did pretty well even. I would never have thought that possible even a couple months ago. You are magic and I will be forever grateful.

- Ashley M., Brookline, MA

I suffered for 14 years with a significant restriction in mobility to my left elbow due to a snowboarding injury that occurred at the age of 5. I always thought that the problem was skeletal since I was told that surgery involving screws and plates would be required to regain some mobility. But with Dr. Tokarz, I discovered that the problem involved my reflexes. In only a few short minutes, Dr. Tokarz was able to regain full mobility in my left elbow which I never thought was possible! But the funny thing is that I initially went to him for low back pain! That disappeared too! I am truly astonished by Dr. Tokarz’s unique approach!

- Jessica Y., Boston, MA

Dr. T!! You’re a Rock Star!!

- Christine K., So. Boston, MA

Before visiting Dr. Tokarz’s office, I had been suffering from extreme knee pain for the previous 6 years. Due to a football injury that happened when I was 16 (torn PCL, MCL & Lateral Meniscus), I was put through many years of Physical Therapy (PT) as well as 4 separate surgeries. After the last surgery and the months of PT that followed, I had multiple doctors and therapists tell me that they did not know why my knee was so swollen, that something was ‘screwed up’ in my knee and they didn’t know what it was and that I wouldn’t be able to lift or play sports anymore! The swelling would be so bad that there would be days where it was excruciating to bend my knee past a certain point as well as try to walk around…and I am only 22 years old!!

After torturing myself to continue to play sports and lift, I was referred by a friend to give Dr. Tokarz a visit. After only a few sessions, the swelling went down DRASTICALLY and I was able to walk without a limp, run without pain and lift without any pain!!!

Dr. Tokarz is very unique and takes a different approach than many medical professionals. If I had not been advised to visit his office I would still be struggling to perform my job as a Personal Trainer and would still be restricted from the activities that I love to do.

Thank you Dr. Tokarz!

- John M., Springfield, MA

I came to see Joe for a problem I’ve been having with my hip. I had heard from a friend that Joe is very good at treating not so typical issues…and she was right! Joe did various techniques on my back and chest that somehow fixed my hip! Awesome!

- D. Blake, Boston, MA