Chiropractic and Soft Tissue Techniques

No one technique fits anyone 100% of the time. Period. As mentioned in “My Philosophy”, each injury or condition typically warrants a combination of approaches. Here is a partial list of techniques that I use that helps me test, evaluate and correct all aspects of the nervous system. I have found these approaches to produce fast, sometimes miraculous, long-lasting results.

…each injury or condition typically warrants a combination of approaches.

Quantum Neurology

A comprehensive system that utilizes standard neurological tests to evaluate every testable nerve in the body. Found neurological deficiencies are then instantaneously corrected !with the use of a Low Level Laser (LLL).

Primitive Reflex Release Technique

Reflexes are an important component of the nervous system. They operate behind the scenes much like the operating system software of a computer.

Reflexes maintain vital body functions such as breathing, digestion, heartbeat, connect the various systems of the body together and, as addressed above, are an essential component in protection of the body.

Various Soft Tissue Modalities

Acute and chronic pain and dysfunction can have it’s origin in totally unrelated muscles, injuries, surgeries, postural behaviors or a combination of all these.

Diversified Chiropractic

The typical stuff!

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